Brazilian Virgin Remy real Blonde Straight



Brazilian Virgin Remy real Blonde is our Blonde line. The hair has been chemically processed for the blonde color. The weft is blonde as well. We carry this hair in lengths 12”-30”. We also carry the matching closures please see our page on closures and frontals.

Yes you can process the hair again. Meaning you may dye the hair it will take the color. The quality will not be the same, and hair maintenance is expected to be more than our unprocessed hair.
Cuticle is always in tact, each bundle is taken from one doner and has been carefully analyzed on site before we purchase the hair.
Weight: Approximately 3.5 oz. per bundle. Most full weaves require 2 to 3 bundles depending on the length of hair and volume preferred. Please consult with a licensed professional stylist to determine the amount of hair necessary to achieve your desired look.


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